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Improve the UX
Improve defaults: anything on this front would be great, e.g.: using the user's last choice or letting the user set their preferred default. This for pretty much everything: a. default duration of clip; b. default date displayed when opening a project; c. default zoom-to-fit; d. when you import a video from another project to your journal, the default is always to the current day, instead of the day associated with the image. 100% of the time I want to add the video on the day it was taken, not the day I happen to have time to go through and migrate from one project to the other... Bulk actions: right now, for my wife to collaborate on a journal , she has to add everything to a collab and then we have to import each video to the journal. One. At. A. Time. A select all, add all to project would be a huge step forward. & yes, with the default set to the date the video was taken, not the day one happens to be adding it to the journal... Better UI for displaying dates: there is a huge banner at the top of the journal, but neither the month nor the year is displayed there. Instead, you have to look for the one small square that lists the month, and you have to click into a vid to see the year. Just copy Apple's photo app: they've spent the money on UX experts to figure out a functional way to navigate a photo library, it's a free ride for anyone with the same design challenge... Not to mention, this could easily be leveraged into a convenient navigation UI. Have you guys ever tried updating a parts of your journal from > 1 Year ago? It's a lot of time wasted scrolling, because any time you move out of a project, it brings you back to the current date. Display favourited photos chronologically. One of the biggest pain points in adding content is distinguishing between similar photos taken around the same time. 1SE displays photos & vids associated with the given day, conveniently, at the top, but doesn't distinguish favourited photos in that view (optimal solution, no additional steps required by user). Instead, there is a "favourites" folder which does not show you photos from the given date; rather, it shows all favourited photos, in order from most recent onwards, which means more repetitive scrolling as you fill out the journal. I'm really quite frustrated with this app: it just seems like there is no vision for the product. I've been paying for 3 years now and the basic functionality hasn't improved at all. New features are added, but they aren't well thought-out and they seem driven more by 1SE's interests than users' interests (even though that is the best way to serve 1SE's interests). And even there, it is a very slow dev cycle. I love the idea, but 1SE is barely passing the bar of solving a problem, at this point (esp. when you see the improvements Apple has made to auto-compiled memories in Photos...). In fact, with something as basic as collaborating on a journal with my wife or other family members still not possible, it is actively frustrating to use the app. Compare the ease of sharing photos and videos in . Please: stop adding half-baked features, pick the problem you want to solve and invest in building a good solution. I don't need a message notification about a feature I don't care about that never goes away, or a changing order of project lists every time I open the app. The only thing I care about is capturing and collaborating on a video journal with my family: make that easy & you'll have at least one customer for life.
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